Blackhead Remover
Blackhead Remover
Blackhead Remover
Blackhead Remover and cream
Blackhead Remover and cream and face cleaning brush
Blackhead Remover and cream and face cleaning brush and facial steamer

InstaVac™ Blackhead Remover Kits

  • Removes blackheads while deeply cleansing face
  • Promotes blood circulation while lifting skin
  • Five suction heads - different functions to fit your needs
  • Tightens enlarged pores
  • Bright light helps you snag each blackhead


14 Day Money Back Guarantee

USA: FREE 2-8 Day Shipping

Worldwide: FREE 10-14 Day Shipping

Diamond head: Mineral microcrystalline probe scrubs skin while exfoliating. Sucks out dead skin to repair skin and remove wrinkle and acne.
Large circle head: Powerful suction. Meant to remove blackheads.
Small circle head: Used to remove blackheads on sensitive skin and those with allergies.
Oval head: Apply to the sides of nose. Effectively promotes blood circulation and increases skin elasticity.
Pointy head: Made specifically for soft sensitive skin.

Where does InstaVac™ ship from? What is the delivery time?

USA orders are shipped from the USA warehouse and International orders are shipped from International warehouses based on Geographical locations for faster delivery.

2-8 business days USA Delivery, 5-12 business days International Delivery!

What if InstaVac™ doesn't work for me?

We don't think that this case might arise as we have more than 25,000+ happy customers using our InstaVac™ device successfully for skin transformation. Anyway, you can buy our InstaVac™ with confidence with an easy 7 Day Money-Back Guarantee. You can return the product for a full refund.

Does this have any side effects?

No, InstaVac™ won't cause any negative side effects. There are multiple suction heads to choose from to suit your needs. This is a completely non-invasive, skin cleaning device that will give you the GLOW without the OH NO!

Can I use this with other skincare products?

Absolutely! This device can increase the effectiveness of results when using a blackhead remover cream such as the free mask included in all kits.

Will I feel any kind of pain or irritation while using this device?

We recommend using a hot towel or steam such as PoreSteam™ included in the Premium Kit to open up pores before using InstaVac™. This will ease the process of removing the blackheads and reduce redness.

InstaVac™: Premium Kit

Introducing our best value kit! A perfect all-in-one solution to your beauty and skin care routine. Your skin will love you.



1 x InstaVac™ Blackhead Remover

1x Silicone Cleansing Brush

1x PoreSteam™ Facial Steamer

*All kits include 1 FREE bottle of a blackhead facial mask ($19.99 value)*

Really cleans up the skin. No more expensive painful facials.


Customer Reviews

Based on 480 reviews
Nils Mayert

I use the strongest suction and it works!

Jovanny Frami

Charges fast. Well packed. Everything is sorted perfectly. Super!

Monserrat Bradtke

Arrived sooner than expected.

Jules Rice

The items were packed very well. All heads are extremely useful for different needs. I recommend it.

Meredith Predovic

Very well packed. Good presentation of the product. I use 3 of the heads the most.