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Hottest Skincare Trends for 2021

The world of skincare is changing all the time. Every year, there are new trends and ingredients that pop up to help make our skin feel and function even better. In 2020, there were trends of upcycling, plant-based ingredients, and face scrubbers.


For 2021, expect the trends to be even more diverse and creative. With all of the new products and skincare sets to come out this year, there is a lot to look forward to. If you're ready to learn about the hottest skincare trends for 2021, continue reading to know what to expect.


  1. LED Therapy Wand

One of the hottest trends of 2021 is to use pro-active skincare tools to create a healthy-looking glow and help improve the skin texture. By choosing a red-light LED Therapy wand, you can help revitalize skin, reduce redness, and calm inflammation. The red LED light helps to create healthier, plumping-looking skin by stimulating collagen. The trend is popular because it helps to create a natural, beautiful-looking face.


Our top recommendation is the Instatone LED Therapy Wand Kit. Not only does it include the 5-in-1 LED Facial Therapy wand, but the deluxe kit also features a portable facial humidifier, cleansing facial brush, and hyaluronic acid. This combination of fabulous skincare tools will keep your face looking young by removing wrinkles, shrinking pores, and lifting the face.


  1. Blackhead Remover Kits

Breakouts can be super frustrating, especially blackheads, which tend to be hard to remove from your face because they're so clogged with debris and oil. Instead of squeezing your blackheads, the hottest trend of 2021 is to use a professional blackhead remover kit.


Blackhead remover kits work to deeply clean your face while removing those pesky minor breakouts. When you use it consistently on your face as a pro-active measure, it promotes blood circulation and lifts your skin. Our recommendation is the InstaVac Blackhead Remover Kit. We love the variety of functions available, with five different suction heads included to help tackle the toughest of blackheads.


  1. Facial Steaming

Facial steaming is a hit in 2021 because it makes the skin feel luxurious while nourishing and cleansing the face. It's popular among many because it helps hydrate the skin and releases trapped sebum, which contributes to blackheads and acne, promotes circulation, and deeply cleans the face. By consistently using a facial steamer, many see a significant decrease in the number of skin problems they face.


We recommend the PoreSteam Facial Steamer. Dermatologists and Estheticians alike love this brand because it is BPA-free, unclogs pores, improves your skin tone, and helps rid your face of pesky acne.


  1. Hydrating Facial Masks

In 2020, everyone was stuck at home without being able to visit their favorite spa or dermatologist to get some much-needed skin relief. Instead, everyone turned to facial masks to help keep the face nourished with essential vitamins and relieve the effects of mask acne. Facial masks continue their popularity into 2021. Using any type of hydrating face mask will help to lift and firm the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and silky. You can either order pre-made face masks online or choose to create your own combination of ingredients to help your skin's issues.


  1. Natural Soap

Many commercial soaps you can find at your local retailer are not exactly real soaps. Instead, they are full of various detergents that not only have adverse effects on the environment but provide significantly fewer benefits for your skin. While regular soaps are made of dyes or synthetic chemicals, natural soaps are made up of plants or items found in nature, such as plant-based oils, essential oils, natural fats, or water. Natural soaps are loved by many because it doesn't disturb the body's natural biome, or contain any preservatives. Natural soap does contain antioxidants and healing properties.


  1. Clean Packaging

Throughout the years, beauty products have been wrapped with tons of single-use plastic. As people become more eco-conscious, brands will have to meet their expectations with eco-friendly recyclable materials. The new trend is to buy from brands that find innovative ways to become eco-conscious with their facial products. 


  1. Skin Minimalism

In 2021, most are sticking with a minimalist skincare approach. This means that you're achieving the same results you were before but using fewer products. There are multiple ways to participate in Skin Minimalism, such as finding products that can do various functions, which helps alleviate the number of products or tools you need.  


It also means that you should embrace your face's curves, freckles, and bare skin as much as possible. Full-coverage foundation and heavy makeup are officially out. Instead, it's trendy to show the beauty of your skin.


  1. More Sleep for Better Skincare

According to Harvard Health, anyone between the ages of 18 to 65 needs at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night. That number increases if you're under the age of 18. Sadly, more than 50% of the population does not get the minimum recommended seven hours of sleep a night. Sleep is essential for many reasons, including better focus, avoiding sickness, improving your mental ability, and better functioning skin.


Losing sleep means that you're going to get dehydrated skin, swollen eyes, or dark circles. While it sounds like a fairytale, there is a lot of truth in the importance of your beauty sleep. The most significant 2021 trend is to treat your nighttime schedule seriously. Get in a consistent night care routine to properly care for your skin.


  1. Permanent Face Features

Instead of putting on heavy makeup every day to achieve the look you're hoping for, this year's trend encourages the permanent makeup look. Permanent makeup might include lip fillers, semi-permanent eyeliner, or microblading your eyebrows. These techniques alleviate the need to use everyday makeup and instead provide an easy-to-manage simple but flawless look.


2021 Hottest Skincare Trends

The trends for skincare in 2021 are exciting and filled with endless ways to keep your skin looking young and beautiful while fighting common acne problems. Try out our suggestions and let us know which were your favorite!